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"Shane did an amazing job on our wedding! He was everywhere we wanted
him to be, and he captured every moment from the ceremony that we
wanted him to get.  He also did a wonderful job getting our families and
bridal parties together after the ceremony for all the staged pictures we
wanted.  He did an outstanding job, and it was more than we could have
asked for!"

- The Portos (Amanda and Matt)
"Shane was a tremendous benefit to me and the Saint Michael's Athletic
Department this past spring. He was at virtually all of our home spring
sport contests - it felt as though he was an employee of the College!
Not only was his loyalty truly appreciated, but so to was the quality of
his work. He'd stay for the entire contest - rain or shine (or snow),
and shoot dozens of top-notch, professional pictures at each event. In
my six years as Sports Information Director at Saint Michael's, I've
never had this bevy of action photos to work with - both quantity and
quality. I can't thank Shane enough for his generosity, and am looking
forward to working with him again in the 2009-10 athletic year"

- Seth Cole
Sports Information Director
Saint Michaels College
"Shane did an excellent job taking photos at UVM athletic events last
season and I would highly recommend him. He is very professional and
turned around the photos in a very timely manner."

- Ben Dickie
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications
University of Vermont
Shane Bufano’s sports photos are amazing!  Not only does Shane capture those
hard to get action shots; he also captures the emotions of all the players. I am
so grateful that Shane was at the American Legion State Championship game
this year. All the pictures Shane took during the game to the post game
celebrations are priceless. There were those special moments that I missed,
even though I was right there; but Shane caught them all and now we have them
for a lifetime. When Shane is at our games I know that I can leave my camera in
the car and just enjoy the game. My orders with Shane were processed and
mailed right away, and the prices are best value anywhere.

- Doug Cauchon
Parent from The Colchester Cannons Legion Baseball Team
"Since Shane Bufano Photography has come aboard on Vermont Sports
Network, our original content has been greatly enhanced.  We are now able to
offer current original photos in real time.  Not only is the work that he does done
efficiently on time, but the quality of his sports images are unlike anything I've
seen from a Vermont Sports Photographer.  If you're a sports team or an SID
looking for photos that not only capture action but player's emotions look no

- Preston Junger
Vermont Sports Network
"Starting a new business in these tough economic times is difficult. But at ADSN,
Adirondack SportsNet we were able to do it, in large part due to the sports
photography of Shane Bufano. Shane's professional looking photos made our
website look incredible. We had many compliments about the high quality of the
photos on ADSN, and that's because of Shane. ADSN would not be the success
that it is right now without Shane Bufano Photography."

- Keith Harrington
President/Owner of Adirondack SportsNet
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